About John

John is an award winning international wedding and sports photogapher who’s work has been published around the world.  He was born into a family of six and was raised on beautiful Vancouver Island off the southwest coast of British Columbia.  His passion for photography developed at a young age.  He would ‘borrow’ his father’s 35mm camera to film the mystic coastal landscapes and the occasional passing train that rumbled over the nearby trestles.

An overwhelming desire to travel and capture various cultures on film was cultivated shortly after graduation.  A cross country road trip and summer spent in New York was followed by an opportunity to spend a few months in Switzerland.  Upon return, John would eventually make his home in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  He started shooting weddings in 2004 and referrals throughout the country and around the world have been pouring in ever since.

Being an avid skier eventually compelled him to bring the camera to the ski slopes to start shooting some of his friends in their element.  In 2008, opportunity presented itself to shoot freestyle ski competitions in Colorado and California.  Both events provided immediate success and photos published in affluent sports magazines!  A persistent pursuit to work with the top international ski and media companies blossomed into a coveted position to shoot the Winter X-Games in Aspen, Colorado the past few years… And… with the expansion to Europe in 2010, the 1st annual Winter X-Games in Tignes, France!  Now an award winning photographer, his sports and wedding photos continue to be published and featured in numerous countries around the world.  This occasion to travel introduces diverse opportunity to capture breathtaking landscapes and infrequent glimpses of wildlife in their natural habitat!

The combination of nature, ski and wedding photography provide the perfect balance for John’s creative eye.  Weddings and engagements remain a constant thrill to shoot… it’s a couple’s interaction and captivating passion for each other and their photography that will only intensify his desire to document these heart warming occasions for many years to come!  The subtle expressions of true love silently caught by a patient camera is what John has continually found so endearing.

His photos speak without words, what is your story?

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