Bridal Photography

Normally these photos are taken before the wedding, but on occasion some brides want to put their dress on again and take more photos at different locations.  This is a great deal of fun and I do recommend it!

I typically spend 30 minutes or so with the bride before the wedding ceremony to capture these shots.  Yes, I do have them pose from time to time.. but I allow them the freedom to relax or let out their excited anticipation in unique expressions.  Some have raised their bouquets in triumph, while others chose to remain calm and reserved.  The wedding dress is magical to most brides, therefore the photos will enhance their beauty to an even greater extent!

A friend once told me that a person is as photogenic as the photographer’s ability to make them feel relaxed and comfortable.  Picture taking should be enjoyable, not monotonous or uncomfortable.  I ensure that the bride is enjoying herself and having a blast.. after all it is the best day of her life!

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