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Nature Photography

Ever since my childhood, I have always been in awe of God’s magnificent creation.  Growing up on Vancouver Island, British Columbia I was surrounded by breathtaking scenery from the snowcapped mountains to the ocean inlets.  […]

Sports Photography

Whether shooting or competing, sports have always been a big part of my life.  I played ice hockey at the Junior A level and still play for fun on occasion.  Freestyle skiing now takes up […]

Engagement Photography

How is your love story being written?  Engagement photos are some of my favorite to shoot.  You both can be relaxed, have a blast and enjoy each others company while getting great photos to further […]

Bridal Photography

Normally these photos are taken before the wedding, but on occasion some brides want to put their dress on again and take more photos at different locations.  This is a great deal of fun and […]

Wedding Photography

The flowers, the dress, the kiss.  What will you remember?  It is perhaps the best day of your life and your photos should capture the magic and intensity you cherish in those special moments.  My […]

Choosing A Photographer

What style are you looking for? There really are 3 main styles to chose from: a) Natural & Candid (also known as photojournalism) b) Modern (creative and interpretive posing) c) Traditional & Formal.I shoot primarily […]