Choosing A Photographer

  1. What style are you looking for?
    There really are 3 main styles to chose from:
    a) Natural & Candid
    (also known as photojournalism)
    b) Modern (creative and interpretive posing)
    c) Traditional & Formal.I shoot primarily natural and candid, but do quite a few modern shots  and some formal poses mainly for the families.
  2. Experience / Portfolio: This must be extensive with different settings, all seasons, outdoor and indoor in different lighting situations.  Choosing a professional photographer is a big decision!  It is well worth your time to do some research because you can’t go back and do it again after the wedding day.  Photos last a lifetime and you want to be thrilled to show them to friends and look at them yourselves over the coming years.
  3. References: There should be numerous references and testimonials.
  4. Equipment: It is imperative that the photographer of choice is using only high end professional cameras and lenses.  The picture quality will be far crisper, have less saturation and make it easy to enlarge prints.
  5. The gift: Does the photographer have the ‘eye’ to capture shots and frame them in a unique and intriguing manner?  This is a talent that is nearly impossible to be taught, but can perfected with time.  In my opinion, one either has it or not.
  6. Personality: Will you be able to get along well with your photographer? Are they easily stressed or capable of dealing with unforeseen situations in a professional and creative manner? Do they communicate quickly when called or emailed?
  7. Copyrights: Are all photos released to the client after the wedding or will there be a fee for all additional prints?  I release all the prints on personalized DVD’s approximately 90 days after the wedding so they can be viewed and printed out as desired multiple times.
  8. Editing: Is the photographer willing to spend time to edit each photo for clarity, color and sharpness?  It is time consuming to go through all the photos and put some in black & white, sepia or add color effects when needed.  But it is the customized care that will make your photos stand out from others.  I spend many hours after the wedding to ensure the final product is unparalleled.
  9. Timeline: When will you see the finished product?  It should never take more than 4 weeks after the wedding otherwise the photographer has too much on his/her schedule.  I will have all your wedding photos uploaded to a password protected site usually within 2 weeks!  Friends and family can also enjoy 50% off all prints for the first 90 days!
  10. Price: Photography is one of the only lasting things you will have from your wedding.  It usually takes 10-20% of your wedding budget.  Quality comes with a price and should not be compromised.  You have to decide how important this will be to the both of you.
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