Nature Photography

Ever since my childhood, I have always been in awe of God’s magnificent creation.  Growing up on Vancouver Island, British Columbia I was surrounded by breathtaking scenery from the snowcapped mountains to the ocean inlets.  Wildlife is plentiful and I usually will spend a couple of weeks back on the Island during the summer.  The bald eagle was giving me a piercing stare as we crept by in my brother’s boat down below.  I was also able to spend a few days in Alaska after shooting a wedding there in August of 2007.  I will never forget the day I spent in Denali National Park tracking Dall sheep and watching them get so close I had to start talking to let them know I was there.  Or tracking bear and elk in Jasper and Banff National parks and being in complete awe of the incredible scenery around me, wishing I could be there everyday!

I absolutely love photographing wildlife, just being in the wild and and listening to the wind in the trees.  Because I travel frequently I take every opportunity to escape and enjoy God’s diverse creation.

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