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The flowers, the dress, the kiss.  What will you remember?  It is perhaps the best day of your life and your photos should capture the magic and intensity you cherish in those special moments.  My gift and strength is photographing candid moments that could so easily be missed.  I love seeing the true romance between a bride and groom, the smiles, embraces, and even occasional tears of joy and love.  Those are the priceless memories I so meticulously enjoy capturing.

Since your wedding is such a memorable event and pictures speak a thousand words while lasting a lifetime, I always shoot with a second photographer.  She has also been published in wedding magazines and has a wonderful gift at capturing different perspectives from other angles!  Photography is not just a career to me, it is my passion!   During the ceremony I remain as inconspicuous as possible. The bride is the main focus and I never want to be a distraction to the guests.  My assortment of professional lenses allow me to get great quality shots without always being up close.  I believe marriage is an institution created and sanctified by God, therefore it should be treated with utmost respect.

Great wedding photographers have the ability to capture moments as they unfold without creating ‘perfect’ circumstances.  Moving softly from one viewpoint to the next while going unnoticed.  A true wedding photojournalist creates a story too great for words, one that can be told for years to come.   The wedding day happens only once and can not be re-created, so it is imperative to find a photographer that has exceptional skill, timing and creativity that will exceed your loftiest expectations.  I am honored every time someone chooses me as their wedding photographer.  I treat that opportunity with utmost respect and eagerly anticipate creating memories that must be shown time and again.

And naturally I welcome destination weddings!  I shoot multiple out of state and country weddings each year since my travel costs are typically much lower than expected.

Wedding prints can be ordered online at:  Contact me for your password.  Weddings are posted for a maximum of 90 days.

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